Located between Hossegor to the north and Labenne to the south, about forty minutes from the EUROSOL campsite ****, Capbreton is a leading seaside resort on the south coast of the Landes. With its fishing and yachting harbour, its world-famous surf spots, its historic pier and its lively shopping streets, Capbreton promises a cultural, gourmet and invigorating stopover.

The port of Capbreton and its fish market

A former whaling and sardine port, the port of Capbreton is still largely focused on fishing, with the particularity that local fishermen can sell their fish directly “at the boat’s bottom”, in other words without going through the auction. If you arrive between 4pm and 6pm, you can watch the unloading of sea bass, sole, sea bream, bonito, hake, gurnard, mackerel and other chipirons. A colourful spectacle not to be missed!

Otherwise, head for the Capbreton fish market! At the foot of the Harbour Master’s Office, the 19 boats in the port offer you their catch of the day depending on the arrivals.

But fishing is also a leisure activity. Numerous service providers offer sea outings with a multitude of activities: tuna fishing on the Capbreton Gouf, sailing boat cruises to observe dolphins, swimming in the open sea, tapas aperitif at sunset… From the coast, surfcasting attracts sea bass fishing enthusiasts, called louvine in the Landes. Capbreton is also a marina, the only one in the Landes department, with nearly 1,000 moorings on pontoons. All year round, it welcomes yachtsmen on a stopover between the Arcachon basin and the Basque country.

A day at the beach

With internationally renowned spots and some of the best waves in the world, Capbreton has built up a solid reputation among surfers, but not only! The Landes resort also attracts families looking for a quiet swim. Very popular with summer visitors, the Central beach is protected from the ocean swell. It stretches from the casino to the Prévent beach. There are beach clubs for children and many shops and restaurants on the seafront.

The famous Capbreton pier

A symbol of the town, the Capbreton pier is one of the most photographed monuments in the Landes. Built under Napoleon III, 150 years ago, the famous wooden jetty juts out into the ocean for almost 200 metres, offering a unique view of the port and beaches of Capbreton. It is a very popular place for walkers, but also for anglers who meet at the end of the pier.

A short stroll along the dune path

This path leads to the Santocha or Piste beach, passing through the dunes of Capbreton. On the way, you will take the time to observe the fauna and flora of the dunes, the sandy vineyards of Capbreton and the blockhouses of the Atlantic Wall painted by the Bordeaux illustrator and graffiti artist Darry Perier. Distance: 2.7 km (approx. 45 min).

Capbreton, town of “Fun shopping

Capbreton has some nice places to do a little shopping during the holidays. The shopping streets in the town centre are full of small designer boutiques, clothing and decoration shops. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to souvenirs from your stay in Capbreton. And for those who wish to discover the heritage of Capbreton, take part in the family rally, a circuit marked out by sporting and cultural stages from the seafront to the town centre.

This very popular thermal town, located 45 minutes from the campsite, has been famed for its hot springs since ancient times and in the Roman period was called Aquæ Tarbellicæ, which was the capital of the Tarbelli people.

Discover the Gallo-Roman heritage of Dax such as its ramparts which are still visible to this day and the Borda Museum which houses collections of prehistoric objects and coins.

Architecture, arenas and ferias (festivals) not forgetting gastronomy, an element of local culture in its own right (pastis, foie gras, madeleines from Dax, kiwis from Adour, asparagus etc…)

Between the bourgeoisie of Bordeaux and the aristrocracy of Biarritz in the 20th century, Hossegor made a name for itself as one of the most chic coastal resorts on the Côte d’Argent.

Today, Hossegor is a renowned surfing spot and also popular for its unusual heritage.

Take a walk along Hossegor’s marine lake and discover the town’s rich yet natural architecture.

The town also boasts a prestigious golf course, one of the best in the world, located 40 minutes from Camping EUROSOL****.

Nestled in the south of the Landes, 30 minutes from the EUROSOL campsite ****, Soustons is a little corner of wild and preserved paradise that is a must to discover. Here, swimming, water sports, fishing, but also tree climbing and cycling are all part of a Landes holiday.

The beach of Soustons

Located between the marine lake of Port d’Albret and the pond of Pinsolles, the ocean beach of Soustons unfolds a long ribbon of fine sand and undulating dunes over nearly six kilometres.

Against the trend of the big Landes beaches, Soustons beach has chosen to “disconnect” completely during the holidays. Soustons becomes a beach without wifi, cut off from the world, from Facebook, instagram or twitter. Just you, the sea and nature! Perfect for a digital detox and swap your smartphone for a surfboard, a paddle or a good novel to read on the beach!

Lake Albret

Created in 1970 on the former bed of the Adour between Soustons and Vieux-Boucau, on the edge of the Atlantic coast, the marine lake of Port is a unique place in the Landes where it is good to relax far from the rollers of the waves. Thanks to a dam towards the ocean, the lake is kept level during low tides.

The day’s programme includes supervised swimming on the Sauvagine beach, light sailing, windsurfing, pedal boats, sailing on a miniature electric replica of real boats or cycling around the lake. During the holidays, the Fun Park Plage takes up residence on the shores of the marine lake, with inflatable games of all kinds and themed evening shows. The children have a great time!

The lake of Soustons

Straddling the communes of Soustons and Azur, in a wild and preserved setting classified Natura 2000, this 380-hectare marine lake is entirely devoted to pleasure boating. Several sporting regattas are organised each year.

The lake is not suitable for swimming, but it is possible to do accrobranche at the water’s edge. The Isle Verte sports and water sports centre offers 5 forest courses of different levels, accessible from 3 years old.

Hardy Pond and White Pond

The Hardy pond is a 42-hectare haven of nature, surrounded by forests. Biodiversity flourishes here and the waters are very rich in fish, which has attracted many fishermen. A small canal connects the Hardy pond to its larger neighbour, the Etang Blanc (183 ha). Fishing is also very popular here, as are boat trips in the company of wild ducks and in the peace and quiet.

Doing your market in Soustons

Every Monday morning, from 8am to 1pm, a large market is held on the Place des Arènes in Soustons. It is an opportunity to stock up during the holidays on local Landes specialities, crafts, manufactured products, decoration, clothing, accessories, etc.

During the summer, another market takes over the Place Robert Lassalle, every Thursday morning. On Sundays, go to the place of the marine lake of Soustons-Plage to stroll between the stalls of a small very sympathetic organic and artisanal market.

Night market lovers? Soustons proposes two very animated night markets in July and August: in the city centre every Friday evening and on the place of the marine lake on Thursdays evening (from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.).

The festivals of Soustons

During the summer, there are many things to do in Soustons. The station proposes numerous animations for young and old mixing music, traditional dance, live shows, traditional festivals and Landes good mood. Among the highlights of the Landes village, we will mention in particular the festivals of Soustons (August). The opportunity to attend the famous Landes races, novilladas and other Portuguese bullfights that have kept the Gascon culture alive for generations.

Between ocean, lake and forest, 30 km from the 4-star EUROSOL campsite, in the south of the Landes, Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains is the smallest commune on the Aquitaine coast. Small in size… but big in reputation, it is also one of the most renowned seaside resorts on the Landes coast.

The beaches of Vieux-Boucau

If it’s the beach that brings you camping in Les Landes, head for the Plage Centrale. Easily accessible from the centre of Vieux-Boucau, this is a very pleasant beach with free parking and many bars and restaurants nearby. People come here to swim with their families, to revive their tan or to surf the best Landes waves. A little away from the centre of the resort, the Sablères beach (the North beach) is the wildest beach of Vieux-Boucau, where surfers and swimmers mix. And for those who prefer the ocean without the waves, head for the beach of the marine lake of Port d’Albret.

The marine lake of Port d’Albret

Straddling the communes of Vieux-Boucau and Soustons, just a stone’s throw from the ocean, the Port d’Albret lake is the only artificial marine lake in France, created in 1966 on the former bed of the Adour. Sheltered from the waves and the hustle and bustle of the beach, the Port Albret marine lake offers a real haven of peace for holidaymakers and birds alike, which you can discover by boat, pedalo or canoe, 20 minutes from our EUROSOL campsite ****.

Very popular with families and sportsmen, the Port d’Albret lake offers a wide range of water sports activities, with its sailing schools and its sandy beaches: supervised swimming, catamaran, dinghies, stand-up paddle, windsurfing, canoeing…

You can also rent a boat, a miniature electric boat or a pedal boat to go around the lake and moor on the small wooded island in the middle of the lake. For those who enjoy cycling, there is a cycle path around the lake (a 4 km loop starting from the car park of the arena).

DID YOU KNOW? Formerly Port d’Albret, Vieux-Boucau (“old mouth” in Gascon) could have been the first port on the Landes coast if the Adour river had not been diverted in 1578 to give it its present estuary at Bayonne.

Gascon and Landes traditions in the spotlight!

Very lively thanks to its many café terraces, ice cream parlours, restaurants and shops, Vieux Boucau also flourishes in its culture and traditions of the Landes. During the summer, the fronton is the venue for Basque pelota games, while the village’s arenas host the traditional Landes races, bullfights, novilladas and other stilt-walker shows. All this is accompanied by the festive music of the bandas. Where to go to the market in Vieux Boucau?

Where to go to the market in Vieux Boucau?

Lively, warm and tasty, the markets of Vieux Boucau are worth a visit! From mid-June to the end of September, a pretty market is held every day of the week (except Sunday) along the Moïsan canal. In July and August, a night market is held on Wednesday evenings on the banks of the marine lake (arts and crafts) and on Monday evenings in the Grande Plage car park.

On the cycle paths of Vieux-Boucau

From the village of Vieux-Boucau, several cycle tracks offer lovers of cycling kilometres of rides along the ocean beaches, through the Landes forest, towards the marine lake of Port d’Albret or the lakes of Messanges and Soustons. To discover: the Soustons / Azur / Messanges / Vieux-Boucau loop.

For a successful camping holiday in the Landes, Messanges has everything to delight campers: a long strip of white sand, a 30-hectare pine forest on the edge of the ocean, cycle paths to get off the beaten track, small, peaceful lakes to enjoy nature.

A charming Landes village between sea and forest

In the south of the Landes, 25 km from the 4-star Eurosol campsite, Messanges offers you the warmth of its hospitality in an exceptional forest environment. A pretty Gascon village with 960 inhabitants, Messanges has an exceptional natural heritage. You will be seduced by its countryside and seaside atmosphere: 30 hectares of pine forest bordered by 5 km of white sandy beach. All the ingredients are there for a relaxing stay in the Landes!

Camping holidays at the beach

Messanges is known for its five kilometre long beach and its wide range of water sports. People come here to practice sailing, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and Hawaiian canoeing. Young and old, sporty or a little lazy, can spend a pleasant holiday that is both invigorating and relaxing.

Walks and hikes on foot or by bike

The footpaths and cycle tracks of Messanges lead you along the beaches, in the forest, around the ponds of Moïsan and Prade. This is an opportunity to take out the fishing rod and catch some nice pike, perch and pike-perch. Hiking enthusiasts can follow the GR8, the coastal path that runs along the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago de Compostela.

The festive atmosphere of the Landes animations and festivals

In summer, Messanges offers many events to spend the holidays in a good mood. We can mention the traditional sardinades of Messanges, a country meal open to all to the tune of a disco, and the Toro Piscine, a comedy-taurine show with the Intervilles cows around a giant swimming pool. To each his own tastes and desires!

The market of Messanges, a great classic of the summer

Want to taste the flavours of the Landes? In summer, the village of Messanges hosts a lovely market under the covered market hall, every Wednesday and Saturday morning. Enough to stock up on provisions for the week!

A little history

The diversion of the Adour in 1578 precipitated the massive exodus of the population of Messanges, estimated at 3 000 or 4 000 inhabitants in the 14th and 15th centuries. The writings of Abbé Légé indicate that the main movement of the port was in the Moïsan pond. The origin of the name Messanges comes from “Messanges”, a district of Dijon where the Burgundy grape varieties, whose bouquet is similar to the sand wine (produced in the Landes region since the 13th century), were transplanted.

A typical Landes village, Moliets is also characterised by the presence of the huchet stream nature reserve. Otherwise known as the “Landes Amazon“, this natural site can be discovered on foot by following the signposted paths or by galloping (boat) with a boatman as a guide from Lake Léon. The site can be reached in only 20 minutes from the Eurosol campsite.

During your stay in Moliets, two beaches are available for those who wish to surf, have fun or relax. The main beach is one of the largest on the Landes coast and is ideal for surfing. For more tranquillity, head for the cork oak beach, which is sheltered from the crowds. Finally, if you wish to explore new landscapes, the beach at the mouth of the river will prove to be ideal!

The forest of the Landes extends over the whole region, which makes it possible to enjoy beautiful bike rides by following the velodyssée or other marked trails.

Golf enthusiasts will be able to go to the Moliets golf course which is open all year round. Situated between forest and ocean, it is particularly pleasant to practice on the 9 and 18-hole courses.

Here is a small guide to introduce you to Vielle-Saint-Girons (in Gascon: Viela-Sent Gironç) and help you prepare your camping holiday: accommodation, transport, services and shops, beaches, entertainment, tourist discovery of the area, etc.

The three towns: Vielle – Saint-Girons – Saint-Girons Plage

Located in the west of the Landes department (40), in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, Vielle-Saint-Girons is a commune of 1225 inhabitants: the Vieillois and Saint-Gironnais. It belongs to the community of communes “Côte Landes Nature” and extends over three towns:

The beaches

Vielle St Girons is a well-known seaside resort on the Landes coast, bordered to the west by 17 km of beach. The commune has 5 supervised beaches during the summer (the one at St-Girons from 1 June to 30 September).

PRACTICE: during the summer period, a shuttle bus network serves the Communauté de communes Côte Landes Nature linking the towns to the beaches.

Sports facilities and cycle paths

Vielle-Saint-Girons is a dynamic tourist town with numerous sports facilities spread throughout its territory.

Shops & Services

Where to shop?

Throughout the year, take advantage of the Landes markets to discover the regional products of the South West:

The heritage

La Sauveté de Saint-Girons: stone column (11th century)

Places to visit around Vielle Saint-Girons :

How to get to Vielle and Saint-Girons?

In the heart of the Landes department, on the Atlantic coast, Vielle-Saint-Girons is located halfway between the Bassin d’Arcachon and the Basque Country.

By car :
From Paris follow the A10 towards Bordeaux, then take the A63 towards Bayonne / San Sebastien, exit 12 Dax/Moliets-et-Maa/Vielle-Saint-Girons/Léon, follow Castets.

By train :
On arrival or departure from Dax and Bayonne stations by TGV. The nearest SNCF station is DAX (35 km). From Paris Montparnasse, you arrive at Dax station with the TGV Atlantique in 3h20.

By plane :
Bordeaux airport: 140 km – Biarritz airport: 75 km.

During your stay in the Landes, are you planning a stopover at the Spanish border? A 1.5 hour drive from the Eurosol campsite along the Côte d’Argent will take you to Irun or San Sebastian for a stopover full of nature and culture.


Irun is a border town between Spain and the French Basque Country, and is not just a commercial crossing point. The city has a rich historical past, as evidenced by the Church of Santa María del Juncal, built in the 16th century, and the Museo Romano Oiasso. There are also many other activities on offer, such as kayaking, golf, horse riding, gastronomic markets, etc.

San Sebastian

San Sebastian is a seaside resort located in the heart of a splendid bay, called “La Concha”, and has many natural and cultural attractions. Beach, architecture, numerous museums, gastronomy, breathtaking walks, everything is there to spend pleasant moments.
Among the places not to be missed are San Sebastian’s Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, the Basilica of Santa Maria del Cuore, the San Telmo Museum, the century-old funicular of Mount Igueldo, the Aiete Cultural Park, the aquarium, etc.