The Complete Water Park at Eurosol

Welcome to the Eurosol campsite water park, a true water paradise where you can cool off and have fun with family and friends.

Our water park has multiple swimming areas for all tastes: We have a heated indoor pool, two outdoor pools and a fun wading pool.

  • Pool area
  • Water games
  • Safe wading pool
  • Indoor and outdoor pools

Aquatic facilities for all ages in the Landes

The Eurosol campsite water park is a real paradise if you love to swim.

With our many facilities, we offer a complete aquatic experience for the whole family.

There is a heated indoor swimming pool, ideal for swimming and relaxing in any weather.

Young children can play safely in a fun paddling pool specially designed for them with interactive water games.

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Expert swimmers can look forward to a large pool where they can swim laps and cool off. Whether you want to relax in the warm water of the indoor pool, splash in the wading pool or train in the big pool, our water park at Eurosol campsite has just what you need for endless fun in the water.

Three places to cool off: Dive into our water park with 3 pools at our campsite in Nouvelle-Aquitaine!

Eurosol campsite has three swimming pools for everyone to enjoy. First, you can enjoy a heated indoor swimming pool, ideal for swimming even in low season. Enjoy warm water all year round.

Then, we have two large outdoor pools, one of which ranges from 90 cm at the shallow end to 3 metres at the deep end, perfect for swimmers of all abilities.

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Finally, children have their own paddling pool, where they can play safely in an area adapted to their size. Whatever kind of swimming you like, the Eurosol campsite water park has something for you. You can relax and play in the water!

An oasis of relaxation and entertainment at Eurosol campsite in the Landes!

Eurosol campsite’s pool area is an ideal setting for relaxation and wellness. You can lounge by the pools on deckchairs, soaking up the sun and relaxing at the same time.

Stay in shape with water aerobics, where you can work out and have fun in the water! Athletes can also play in sports tournaments in the water for fun and challenges with fellow guests. Whether you want to relax, stay active or have fun, the Eurosol campsite water park offers the perfect balance of wellness and activities for an unforgettable holiday.

See our exceptional amenities at Eurosol campsite and experience an unforgettable holiday!