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Where can you go canoeing in Les Landes?

Would you like to go canoeing during your holidays in the Landes? Here is a small selection of the best spots to navigate like an Amazonian Indian and experience a wonderful family adventure on the most beautiful Landes rivers!

Where can you go canoeing in Les Landes?

The Contis stream, a green corridor in the heart of the Landes forest

Between Lit-et-Mixe and Saint-Julien-en-Born, the Contis stream is an extraordinary playground for nature lovers and adventurers. This small, wild and natural coastal river is 30 km long and winds its way to the ocean through dunes, forests and marshes.

Under the foliage of the gallery forest, the Landes river shelters a luxuriant vegetation, rich of several hundreds of species, of which the royal osmund and the hibiscus of the marshes. A Natura 2000 listed river, this treasure trove of biodiversity is also home to a discreet and diverse fauna: mercury agrion, cistude turtle, otter and European mink, as well as little egret, grey heron and bittern among the hundred or so species of birds listed.

  • Departure from the base of Contis or Lit-et-Mixe, 2.5 hour canoe trip, more info: www.atlantisloisirs.fr

La Palue, the little river that joins the Léon lake

In the extension of the Courant d'Huchet nature reserve, the Palue is a small, narrow, winding and shallow river that winds its way through the Landes forest to the Léon lake. Perfect for a first canoeing trip!

On a navigation route of about eight kilometres, you glide peacefully through a leafy landscape and the meandering gallery forest. Under the dense vegetation, you may spot a deer, otter, wild boar or kingfisher on the river banks.

  • The Castets canoe-kayak club offers fun trips down the river to discover the flora and fauna. 8 km route (2 hours of navigation). Further information: www.canoe-kayak-castets.fr

The Leyre, a peaceful and wild river

In the heart of the Landes de Gascogne regional nature park, the Leyre offers an ideal setting for canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts, with almost 100 km of navigable waterways. From the Landes forest to the Arcachon basin, you can paddle under a magnificent canopy of oaks, alders and pines that rise above the water.

A Natura 2000 listed site, the Valley River is a real jewel of biodiversity, unique and fragile, recognised for its great environmental and landscape quality. Numerous migratory birds and magnificent blue dragonflies accompany the kayakers throughout the trip.

  • Departure possible from Commensacq, with a one-day navigation route (10 km). More info: www.canoesurlaleyre.com
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