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Experience adventure with your family: discover accrobranche in the Landes

Are you looking for an activity to do with your family in the Landes? Discover accrobranche in the most beautiful adventure parks of the Landes coast. EUROSOL Campsite tells you everything you need to know to enjoy the experience 100%!

How does accrobranche work?

A semi-sporting activity in the middle of nature, accrobranche is a very popular leisure activity for families. The activity consists of climbing in the trees and moving through different obstacles. The courses vary in height and difficulty, depending on the experience of the adventurer or the degree of adrenaline sought. The aim is not to achieve a performance, but to privilege the contact with nature.

After a technical briefing on the use of the equipment and safety instructions, you are off for several hours of trekking in the trees. Equipped with a harness, karabiners and a pulley, you move independently from tree to tree using ropes, ladders and suspension bridges. The harness is an essential element that will allow you to be permanently attached to a lifeline to ensure your safety. Experienced instructors will assist you if required.

Who is it for?

Tree climbing is for nature and adventure lovers as well as for sporty families looking for a thrill. Some parks offer introductory courses for children as young as 3 years old, but it is around the age of 5-6 years that the child will get the most out of the activity. As a general rule, the minimum height requirement is 1.10m. The courses are designed to challenge participants and push them out of their comfort zone, but safety is always a top priority.

I'm afraid of heights: can I go tree climbing? Tree climbing is an activity that can help you overcome your fear of heights. Go gradually. Start with the simplest and lowest courses before moving on to more advanced levels. A tip: look far ahead (not up or down), focus on the horizon and progress at your own pace, keeping your breathing even.

The best tree climbing parks in the Landes

Ready to experience the thrill of tree climbing together? The Landes de Gascogne forest offers an idyllic setting for tree climbing. Among the largest adventure parks in the Landes, "Adrénaline Parc", in Moliets-et-Maâ, is one of the most complete in the region. The courses are varied and suitable for all levels. The zip line circuit is well worth a visit. You can also ride a mini quad and a mini motorbike.

There is also the "Là-Haut Aventure Park", on the edge of Lake Léon. Just a stone's throw from the EUROSOL campsite, come and climb to the top of the trees, oaks and chestnuts. Three acrobatic courses to choose from with nearly a hundred workshops, nets, bridges, ladders, tyrolean traverses, right up to the last tree climb, in climbing mode, at 12 m high!

In Biscarrosse, the "Bisc'Aventure" park also offers an unforgettable tree climbing experience. Nearly 200 games are spread over twenty or so courses of increasing difficulty and height. A special mention for the zip line course and its aerial view of the ocean and the forest.

You can also go to " Landes Aventure ", in Mimizan. Throw yourself from branch to branch on the acrobatic, tightrope walker, acrobat or sensation course. Not forgetting the giant tyrolienne which crosses the forest over 200 metres of happiness. The setting is idyllic and the prices very reasonable.

What to wear?

Choose tight-fitting clothes that do not restrict your movements, ideally trousers. Wear closed, comfortable shoes (such as trainers or hiking boots). Finally, it is best to tie up long hair and avoid wearing jewellery or accessories that protrude from your outfit.

Gloves are recommended to protect your hands from friction when handling cables and obstacles. For safety reasons, helmets are recommended for all ages. All equipment is provided on site.

Have a great adventure in the trees!

photo@ M W, pixabay

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