Campsite France Landes : La superbe arène de Dax

This very popular thermal town, located 45 minutes from the campsite, has been famed for its hot springs since ancient times and in the Roman period was called Aquæ Tarbellicæ, which was the capital of the Tarbelli people.

Campsite France Landes : Le musée de Borda à Dax

Discover the Gallo-Roman heritage of Dax such as its ramparts which are still visible to this day and the Borda Museum which houses collections of prehistoric objects and coins.

Campsite France Landes : Splendide architecture de Dax

The town is steeped in history and Basque and Landes traditions to the delight of visitors:

Campsite France Landes : Le pont de Dax de nuit

Architecture, arenas and ferias (festivals) not forgetting gastronomy, an element of local culture in its own right (pastis, foie gras, madeleines from Dax, kiwis from Adour, asparagus etc…)