Campsite France Landes : L'estacade construite par Napoléon III à Capbreton

Once a busy fishing port, Capbreton is today a notorious coastal town located opposite Hossegor on the edge of the Atlantic.

Campsite France Landes : Une plage animée à Capbreton

Like in all the towns in the Landes, cycling, sailing and surfing are popular activities with holidaymakers. Discover the town’s emblematic monument: the pier.

Campsite France Landes : Port de plaisance du Capbreton

Built by Napoleon III, the pier symbolises the revival of the port after centuries of decline which followed the diversion of the river Ardour.

Campsite France Landes : Superbe architecture au Capbreton

Located approximately 40 minutes from Camping EUROSOL****, this delightful seaside town is well worth a visit.